Advanced Approach To Mitigate Magnetic Fields And Your Health

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This Ebook describes the hazardous effects of magnetic fields and explains how exposure to high voltage transmission line magnetic field could affect human lives. It explains how newly developed ...
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Fundamental Calculations of Auxiliary Loop Voltage

Pp. 21-25 (5)

A.R. Memari


Mitigating magnetic field is caused by the mitigating current in the auxiliary mitigating loop. This current is achieved by dividing the mitigating loop voltage by the mitigating loop impedance. The mitigating loop voltage is the result of the flux induced by each phase of the three phases of the transmission line.

In this chapter, the flux induced by each phase has been thoroughly investigated and the geometrical location of the auxiliary mitigating loop with respect to the power line has been scrutinized and the related equations are established. The vector sum of these three fluxes results in obtaining the total flux penetrating through the mitigating loop and the corresponding equation is set. Finally, an equation to calculate the mitigating loop voltage is developed. It is worth mentioning that phases A, B, and C are at 0°, -120° and +120° respectively.