Advanced Approach To Mitigate Magnetic Fields And Your Health

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This Ebook describes the hazardous effects of magnetic fields and explains how exposure to high voltage transmission line magnetic field could affect human lives. It explains how newly developed ...
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Fundamental of Magnetic Field

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A.R. Memari


Electricity has gone through lots of changes since it has been in use. But, the hazardous effects of high voltage transmission line magnetic field have always been of deep concern to scientists. In this chapter, a mathematical modeling has been established, by which a hundred percent mitigation at any point of consideration would be achievable. The developed equations are also capable of producing simultaneous reduction of magnetic field at other points within the center of the right-of-way.

First, a procedure to obtain the total magnetic field contributed by the three- phase high voltage transmission line has been established and then the angular frequency at which maximum magnetic field occurs is developed.

In order to achieve the mitigation, an auxiliary mitigating loop has been implemented and the required equation to calculate the mitigating magnetic field is developed. The optimum value of this loop impedance is set. Since the designed auxiliary mitigating loop is of passive type, no especial feedback equipments are needed to compensate for the changes of the load currents.

In order to illuminate the capability of the developed equations a flat configuration of 230 KV transmission line has been utilized.