Subwavelength Optics: Theory and Technology

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From the beginning of this century, there has been a dramatic increase in interest in the study of surface plasmon polaritons-based metallic subwavelength structures and learning. This is a ...
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Yongqi Fu


Many nanofabrication techniques were reported in books and journals at present. In this chapter, we targeted two commonly used approaches for fabrication of subwavelength metallic structures: focused ion beam (FIB) technology and laser interference photolithography. The former can realized fine nanofabrication over a local tiny area in one-step only. But it is a technique with high expenditure and small localized fabrication area. The latter can realize large area fabrication and cost effective. But it needs pattern transformation from photoresist into substrate. Some fabrication examples were presented. Problems existing in the fabrication processes were addressed as well.


School of Physical Electronics University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.