Social Determinants, Health Equity and Human Development

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Modelling for the Dynamics and the Burden of Dengue: A Review

Pp. 56-61 (6)

Mohammed Derouich and Abdesslam Boutayeb


Among the re-emergent diseases, dengue fever/dengue haemorrhagic fever is one of the most important by its wide spreading, the frequency of its epidemics and the complexity caused by the four virus serotypes associated with it. With more than 2.5 billion at risk, the global burden of dengue is growing dramatically. The literature associated with different aspects of dengue is abundant, this paper is a review of a large part of publications dealing with dengue and environmental health, the burden of disease and mathematical modelling mainly during the last decade.


Dengue, mathematical models, haemorrhagic fever, environmental health, burden of disease.


Department of Mathematics Faculty of Sciences, Boulevard Mohamed VI, BP: 717 Oujda, Morocco.