Social Determinants, Health Equity and Human Development

Author(s): Boutayeb A.

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO.

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A refreshing and useful resource for understanding the multidimensional aspects linking social determinants to health equity and development. The book is written for researchers, students, public ...
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Pp. i

E. H. Twizell

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Pp. ii

Boutayeb Abdesslam

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Pp. iii

Boutayeb A.

Measurements and Indicators: Definitions, Concepts and Examples

Pp. 1-11 (11)

Abdesslam Boutayeb and Saber Boutayeb

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Equity and Disease Burden

Pp. 43-49 (7)

Abdesslam Boutayeb and Saber Boutayeb

PDF Price: $15

Obesity and Diabetes

Pp. 50-55 (6)

A. Boutayeb, S. Mehdad, N. Mokhtar and H. Aguenaou

PDF Price: $15

Modelling for the Dynamics and the Burden of Dengue: A Review

Pp. 56-61 (6)

Mohammed Derouich and Abdesslam Boutayeb

PDF Price: $15

Inequalities and Disparities in North Africa

Pp. 62-73 (12)

Saber Boutayeb, Abdesslam Boutayeb and Youssef Bensouda

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Pp. 87-92 (6)

Boutayeb A.

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Pp. 93-95 (3)

Boutayeb A.