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Current Methods for the Quantitative Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds from Whole Blood Matrix Using Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

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Raymond Naxing Xu, Matthew J. Rieser and Tawakol A. El-Shourbagy


This article reviews current methods used in quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical compounds from whole blood matrix by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. Whole blood matrix reviewed here includes traditional liquid whole blood and dried blood spot (DBS) on a collection paper. A number of bioanalytical methods have been reported over the years for the determination of pharmaceutical compounds from liquid whole blood matrix. These methods have been used to support drug discovery and development as well as therapeutic drug monitoring. Dried blood spot technique was initially developed for newborn screening, later adapted to therapeutic drug monitoring, and now expanding into pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. Sample pretreatment, extraction, chromatography, and mass detection procedures for sample analysis from both liquid whole blood and dried blood spot are summarized in this article. Factors influencing assay performance such as sampling and automation are discussed. Emerging techniques allowing direct analysis of blood samples using mass spectrometry technique are also included.


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