Optimality Conditions in Vector Optimization

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Vector optimization is continuously needed in several science fields, particularly in economy, business, engineering, physics and mathematics. The evolution of these fields depends, in part, on the ...
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Invex Functions and Existence of Weakly Efficient Solutions for Nonsmooth Vector Optimization

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DOI: 10.2174/978160805110611001010061

Author(s): Lucelina Batista Santos, Marko Rojas-Medar, Gabriel Ruiz-Garz´on, Antonio Rufi´an-Lizana


In this work we study the existence of weakly efficient solutions for some nonsmooth and nonconvex vector optimization problems. We consider problems whose objective functions are defined between infinite and finite-dimensional Banach spaces. Our results are stated under hypotheses of generalized convexity and make use of variational-like inequalities.


Vector Optimization; Nonsmooth Analysis; Invex Functions; Variationallike inequalities.