Oocyte Maturation and Fertilization: A Long History for a Short Event

Editor(s): Elisabetta Tosti and Raffaele Boni

Indexed in: Chemical Abstracts, EBSCO.

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Events of reproduction occurring from meiotic resumption of the immature oocyte up to its exit from the second meiotic block following activation will be revealed. Morphological modifications of the ...
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Foreword  Open Access Plus

Pp. i

Ryuzo Yanagimachi

Preface  Open Access Plus

Pp. ii-iii (2)

Elisabetta Tosti and Raffaele Boni

Contributors  Open Access Plus

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Elisabetta Tosti, Raffaele Boni and Raffaele Boni

Key Words  Open Access Plus

Pp. ix-x (2)

Elisabetta Tosti, Raffaele Boni and Raffaele Boni

Acknowledgements  Open Access Plus

Pp. viii

Elisabetta Tosti, Raffaele Boni and Raffaele Boni

Electron Microscopy of Mammalian Oocyte Development, Maturation and Fertilization  Open Access Plus

Pp. 1-37 (37)

Poul Hyttel

Intra- and Intercellular Molecular Mechanisms in Regulation of Meiosis in Murid Rodents  Open Access Plus

Pp. 38-63 (26)

Alex Tsafriri and Nava Dekel

The Enhancers of Oocyte Competence  Open Access Plus

Pp. 64-70 (7)

Yves JR. Menezo and Kay Elder

Genomic Regulation through RNA in Oocyte Maturation of Large Mammals  Open Access Plus

Pp. 71-79 (9)

Marc-Andre Sirard*

Meiotic Regulation by Maturation Promoting Factor and Cytostatic Factor in the Oocyte  Open Access Plus

Pp. 80-92 (13)

Gian Luigi Russo, Stefania Bilotto and Francesco Silvestre

Gamete Binding and Fusion  Open Access Plus

Pp. 93-103 (11)

Young-Joo Yi and Peter Sutovsky

Ionic Events at Fertilization  Open Access Plus

Pp. 104-120 (17)

Brian Dale and Martin Wilding

Recent Advances in the Understanding of the Molecular Effectors of Mammalian Egg Activation  Open Access Plus

Pp. 121-134 (14)

Christopher Malcuit and Rafael A. Fissore

In Vitro Fertilisation  Open Access Plus

Pp. 135-148 (14)

Kay Elder

Current State of the Art in Large Animal Cloning: Any Lesson?  Open Access Plus

Pp. 149-155 (7)

Pasqualino Loi and Grazyna Ptak

Stem Cells from Oocytes and Oocytes from Stem Cells  Open Access Plus

Pp. 156-166 (11)

Fulvio Gandolfi, Georgia Pennarossa, Arianna Vanelli, Mahbubur M. Rahman and Tiziana A.L. Brevini

Index  Open Access Plus

Pp. 167-175 (9)

Elisabetta Tosti and Raffaele Boni