Flood Risk Assessment and Management

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Floods are devastating natural disasters with a significant impact on human life and the surrounding environent. Flood Risk Assessment and Management should serve as an Ideal textbook on analytical ...
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Probable Maximum Precipitation and Probable Maximum Flood - PMP and PMF

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Dawei Han


In flood risk management, it would be useful to know the upper limit for the maximum precipitation at a specific site. It may be estimated by storm models, maximisation of actual storms or generalised charts. The maximum flood and maximum storm can be derived from the maximum precipitation. Since we are not very sure about these estimates, it is important to prefix ‘probable’ to the terms to emphasise the significant uncertainties with these values.


estimated limiting value, precipitable water, Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP), Probable Maximum Flood (PMF), Probable Maximum Storm (PMS)


Department of Civil Engineering University of Bristol, U.K.