Field Propulsion System for Space Travel: Physics of Non-Conventional Propulsion Methods for Interstellar Travel

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This e-book presents an overview of field propulsion systems for the use of space travel and interstellar travel. Such systems include warp drive, space drive and gravity-control schemes, and are ...
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Other Exotic Theories and Propulsion Systems

Pp. 95-113 (19)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805270711101010095

Author(s): Takaaki Musha, Yoshinari Minami


There are realms of propulsion theory that stretch over the boundaries of known relativity and quantum theories. Some of these theoretical attempts incorporate electromagnetism or the relativity theory, while others attempt to evolve existing theories. Some of the more interesting theories that may some day be proven to be useful for space travel are presented in this chapter.