Field Propulsion System for Space Travel: Physics of Non-Conventional Propulsion Methods for Interstellar Travel

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This e-book presents an overview of field propulsion systems for the use of space travel and interstellar travel. Such systems include warp drive, space drive and gravity-control schemes, and are ...
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Warp Navigation Methods for Interstellar Travel

Pp. 84-94 (11)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805270711101010084

Author(s): Takaaki Musha, Yoshinari Minami


In order to conquer these huge distances and times for interstellar travel, superluminal speeds become indispensable. If one considers the use of general relativity in the context of interstellar space travel rather than special relativity, then we no longer think of the problem in terms of a propulsion theory, but rather a navigation theory, such as a wormhole engineering of space-time itself. This notion becomes indispensable for the problem if interstellar travel, where cruising ranges are on the order of light-years. Practical interstellar exploration must therefore solve both the propulsion and the navigation problem. In this chapter, several different concepts involving warp drive navigation are described.