Molecular Mechanism and Morphology in Cancer

Editor(s): Misa Nakamura and Kennichi Kakudo

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO.

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The WHO report estimates that 12 million people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer this year. In addition, the report predicts that more than 7 million people will die early from the disease. ...
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Misa Nakamura

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Liang Shan

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Pp. iii-iv (2)

Misa Nakamura and Kennichi Kakudo

Pathology and Molecular Biology of Renal Neoplasms: Recent Advances and Impacts on Pathological Classification

Pp. 12-41 (30)

Yoji Nagashima, Naohito Kobayashi, Eriko Kagawa, Ichiro Aoki, Yoshiaki Inayama and Masahiro Yao

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Chemotherapy in Malignant Gliomas

Pp. 42-56 (15)

Mitsutoshi Nakamura, Keiji Shimada, Hiroyuki Nakase and Noboru Konishi

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The Role of Bcl-2 in Breast Cancer

Pp. 57-80 (24)

Xiaoyan Li and Qifeng Yang

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ETS Gene Fusions in Prostate Cancer

Pp. 81-101 (21)

Bo Han

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New Types of Cell Death: Morphological and Molecular Characteristics

Pp. 102-119 (18)

Takashi Ozaki, Ichiro Mori, Katsuyoshi Tabuse, Takaomi Suzuma, Takeo Sakurai, Misa Nakamura, Emiko Taniguchi and Kennichi Kakudo

PDF Price: $15

Thyroid Cancer: Gene Mutation and Morphology of Follicular Cell Carcinomas

Pp. 120-137 (18)

Misa Nakamura, Yaqiong Li, Zhiyan Liu and Kennichi Kakudo

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Pp. 138-144 (7)

Misa Nakamura and Kennichi Kakudo