Embedded Visual System And Its Applications On Robots

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Embedded vision systems such as smart cameras have been rapidly developed recently. Vision systems have become smaller and lighter, but their performance has improved. The algorithms in embedded ...
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Embedded Vision Positioning System Based on ARM Processor

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Wei Zou, De Xu and Junzhi Yu


This chapter presents an embedded system for image capturing and visual measurement. The architecture of this system is single processor structure and an ARM processor which operates at 406 MHz is utilized. The image capturing device is a CMOS camera choosing the OV7620 chip as its core whose grabbing speed is 30 frames per second. The program code is stored in a Flash memory and running in a SDRAM memory. The functions include object segmentation, object detection and positioning. The object to be identified is a color block in experiments. The object segmentation and detection are accomplished by checking the color block. Experimental results verify the robustness and performance of the proposed system.


embedded system, embedded vision, machine vision, ARM, object detection, object segmentation, object positioning, CMOS camera, PNP method, RANSAC.


Key Laboratory of Complex Systems and Intelligence Science, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China.