Efficient Preconditioned Solution Methods for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

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This e-book presents several research areas of elliptical problems solved by differential equations. The mathematical models explained in this e-book have been contributed by experts in the field and ...
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A Geometric Toolbox for Tetrahedral Finite Element Partitions

Pp. 103-122 (20)

Jan Brandts, Sergey Korotov and Michal Krizek


In this work we present a survey of some geometric results on tetrahedral partitions and their refinements in a unified manner. They can be used for mesh generation and adaptivity in practical calculations by the finite element method (FEM), and also in theoretical finite element (FE) analysis. Special emphasis is laid on the correspondence between relevant results and terminology used in FE computations, and those established in the area of discrete and computational geometry (DCG).


finite element method, tetrahedron, polyhedral domain, linear finite element, angle and ball conditions, convergence rate, mesh regularity, discrete maximum principle, mesh adaptivity, red, green and yellow refinements, bisection algorithm


Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Bizkaia Technology Park, Derio, Basque Country, Spain.