Drugs Sex, And Crime - Empirical Contributions

Editor(s): Danilo Antonio Baltieri

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This book covers some recent researches on the interface between drug misuse and crime and demonstrates that some types of violent crimes are more intimately related to alcohol and / or drug ...
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Foreword  Open Access Plus

Pp. i

Douglas P. Boer

Preface  Open Access Plus

Pp. ii-iv (3)

Danilo Antonio Baltieri

About the Editor  Open Access Plus

Pp. v

Danilo Antonio Baltieri

About the Contributors  Open Access Plus

Pp. vi

Danilo Antonio Baltieri

Alcohol and Illegal Drug Related-Violence: Criminological Aspects in Brazil  Open Access Plus

Pp. 1-12 (12)

Lucio Garcia de Oliveira, Gabriela Arantes Wagner, Fernanda Cestaro Prado Cortez, Danilo Antonio Baltieri and Arthur Guerra de Andrade

Epidemiologic Data on Alcohol and Illicit Drugs in Brazil  Open Access Plus

Pp. 13-17 (5)

Ricardo Amaral

Alcohol and Drug Consumption among Adult Sex offenders in Brazil  Open Access Plus

Pp. 18-26 (9)

Danilo Antonio Baltieri

Drug Problems among Juvenile Sexual Offenders  Open Access Plus

Pp. 27-40 (14)

Danilo Antonio Baltieri

Alcohol and Drug Problems Between Pedophilic and Nonpedophilic Children Molesters  Open Access Plus

Pp. 41-54 (14)

Danilo Antonio Baltieri

Substance Abuse among Females Convicted of Violent Crimes: A Criminological Perspective  Open Access Plus

Pp. 55-65 (11)

Danilo Antonio Baltieri

Male Prostitution - Drug Problems and Criminological Aspects among Hustlers  Open Access Plus

Pp. 66-75 (10)

Fernanda Cestaro Prado Cortez

The Role of Drug Misuse in Family Crimes - Parricide versus Filicide  Open Access Plus

Pp. 76-81 (6)

Danilo Antonio Baltieri and Flavia Ismael

Drugs, AIDS and Sexual Crime  Open Access Plus

Pp. 82-90 (9)

André Malbergier and Luciana Roberta Donola Cardoso

Psychosocial Treatment for Inmates with Drug Problems in Brazil  Open Access Plus

Pp. 91-94 (4)

Cintia de Azevedo Marques Perico

Index  Open Access Plus

Pp. 95-96 (2)