Applications of Modern High Performance Networks

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This Ebook presents state-of-the-art solutions in applications of modern high performance networks. The topics covered in this Ebook include mobile ad-hoc networks, clusters for distance computing, ...
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Smart Agriculture

Pp. 120-129 (10)

Aqeel-ur-Rehman and Zubair A. Shaikh


Use of technology in different areas to get numerous benefits is itself a valuable research. Use of Sensor network in the area of agriculture is not new. But due to the different weather, soil, water and land conditions, diverse models, methods of analysis and solutions are needed on which different communities of researchers are working and proposing several solutions. That instigates need of some different ways specifically for agriculture that can be helpful in developing solution for different conditions.

Ubiquitous Computing and Context-Aware Computing are highlighting the approaches to deal with variability in conditions, situations and problems. The combination of different technologies and their application towards certain area is always been a challenging task. The combination of emerging technologies including ubiquitous computing, context-aware computing and grid computing with sensor network can be applied on agriculture domain to make the agriculture smarter.

In this chapter, the concept of Smart Agriculture is described and use of different advanced technologies towards the agriculture domain is highlighted. The evolution of agriculture through the support of different advanced technologies is also presented. Some details about the development of smart agriculture prototype for irrigation control are also the part of this chapter.


Center for Research in Ubiquitous Computing (CRUC), Department of Computer Science, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU), Karachi, Pakistan.