Application Of Alternative Food-Preservation Technologies To Enhance Food Safety And Stability

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The book covers the applications of some alternative approaches for prolonging food shelf life. The book describes the role of food safety objectives, natural compounds (such as oils and microbial ...
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Green Consumerism and Alternative Approaches for Food Preservation: an Introduction

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Antonio Bevilacqua, Maria Rosaria Corbo and Milena Sinigaglia


Consumer awareness towards the use of natural compounds has increased significantly since the beginning of 1990s and new trend has arisen in food industry, i.e. the green consumerism.

The green consumerism is the basis for the development of alternative approaches for food preservation, like the use of natural compounds (essential oils, lysozyme, nisin and other bacteriocins, chitosan) and nonthermal treatments (high hydrostatic pressures, homogenization, microwave, irradiation).

These new technologies are the topics of this e-book; this chapter offers an introduction to the entire work.


what is green consumerism, why green consumerism, book structure.


Department of Food Science, Faculty of Agricultural Science, University of Foggia, Italy.