Body Contouring Following Bariatric Surgery And Massive Weight Loss: Post-Bariatric Body Contouring

Editor(s): Bishara S. Atiyeh

Co-Editor(s): Michel Costagliola

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Body contouring is a rapidly growing field within plastic surgery. Safe and effective techniques have been developed in recent times with increased patient satisfaction indicated by visual analogue ...
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Foad Nahai

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Bishara S. Atiyeh

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Pp. iii-v (3)

Bishara S. Atiyeh and M. Costagliola

Overweight and Obesity: A True Global Epidemic

Pp. 3-11 (9)

Bishara S. Atiyeh and Karim A. Sarhane

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Bariatric Surgery: An Overview

Pp. 12-22 (11)

Bassem Safadi and Sami Masri

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Physiological and Nutritional Impact of Bariatric Surgery

Pp. 23-28 (6)

Dimitrios J. Pournaras and Carel W. le Roux

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Contour Deformities After Massive Weight Loss

Pp. 39-49 (11)

Steven Rueda, Mari Rebane and Seth Thaller

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Post-Bariatric Body Contouring Surgery and Patient Safety

Pp. 50-62 (13)

Bishara S. Atiyeh and Amir Ibrahim

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Thigh Lift

Pp. 79-87 (9)

Bishara S. Atiyeh, Shady Hayek and Amir Ibrahim

PDF Price: $15

Gluteal Contouring and Enhancement for the Massive Weight Loss Patient

Pp. 88-101 (14)

Bishara Atiyeh, Shady Hayek and Amir Ibrahim

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Breast Surgery in Patients after Massive Weight Loss

Pp. 102-111 (10)

Moustapha Hamdi and Serhan Tuncer

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Gynecomastia and Male Chest Contouring

Pp. 112-120 (9)

Alaa Gheita and Bishara S. Atiyeh

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Pp. 121-126 (6)

Joachim Graf von Finckenstein

PDF Price: $15

Back Contouring after Massive Weight Loss

Pp. 127-131 (5)

Bishara S. Atiyeh and Saad A. Dibo

PDF Price: $15


Pp. 132-139 (8)

Sadri Ozan Sozer and Francisco J. Agullo

PDF Price: $15

Correction of Facial and Neck Excessive Laxity

Pp. 140-147 (8)

Mutaz B. Habal

PDF Price: $15

Anesthesia for Contouring Body in Post-Bariatric Surgery Patient

Pp. 148-166 (19)

Marwan S. Rizk, Cynthia J. Karam and Chakib M. Ayoub

PDF Price: $15

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Pp. 167-168 (2)

Bishara S. Atiyeh