Air Pollution: Economic Modelling and Control Policies

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Environmental pollution has received the attention of both economists and ecologists who have integrated their ideas and concepts in recent decades. Production and consumption of material goods ...
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Input-Output Table for Environmental Analysis of Japan: Construction and Application Study to Solar Power Satellites

Pp. 149-174 (26)

Satoshi Nakano and Keiichiro Asakura


This paper presents the construction method of the 2000 Input-Output Table for Environmental Analysis of Japan and its application study. The first half of the paper describes the construction of energy inputs and CO2 emissions tables corresponding to the official Input-Output Table by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, using economic and energy statistics. The second half quantifies the CO2 emission of new power generation technology; Solar Power Satellites (SPS) as one of the application study.


CO2 emission, Life Cycle Assessment, Solar Power Satellites.


The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training