Air Pollution: Economic Modelling and Control Policies

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Environmental pollution has received the attention of both economists and ecologists who have integrated their ideas and concepts in recent decades. Production and consumption of material goods ...
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Measuring the Air Pollution of Tourism: An Input-Output Model for the Campania Region

Pp. 132-148 (17)

Maria Llop and Simona Sabena


In recent decades, travel and tourism have come to represent a major economic growth sector. To better understand the impact of tourism activity, research on tourism development is undertaken in various fields, involving both theoretical and applied models. The aim of this chapter is to establish a method for analysing the impact of regional tourism development and the associated environmental consequences. The method employed here uses an input-output model with income generated by the tourism sector and emissions released into the atmosphere. The model is applied to the Italian region of Campania, an area with high cultural value, and is used to calculate the emission multipliers of regional activities and to simulate changes in tourist demand and its subsequent effects on regional income and regional emissions.


air pollution, input-output model, tourism activity.


Departament d’Economia, Universitat Rovira i Virgili,Avgda. Universitat nº 1, 43204 Reus, Spain