Current Advances in the Medical Application of Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology promises new medical therapies, more rapid and sensitive diagnostic and investigative tools for normal and diseased tissues, and new materials for tissue engineering. This e-book ...
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Nanocrystalline Silver: Use in Wound Care

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Valerie Edwards-Jones


The antimicrobial activity of nanocrystalline metals has been shown to be more sustained than normal metal ions. This chapter reviews the use of nanocrystalline silver in wound care and the impact these dressings are having on acute and chronic wounds in terms of healing, toxicity and reduction of biological burden. Production of the nanocrystalline dressings will be described and the antimicrobial mode of action of silver described. The in-vitro and in-vivo assessment of nanocrystalline silver shows these dressings to be advantageous for the health care practioner and an excellent addition to wound care productions.


Nanocrystalline metals; wound care; wound healing; toxicity; antimicrobial; silver; nanoparticles; immunomodulation; anti-microbial; infectyion; burns.


Manchester Metropolitan University, Ormond Building, Lower Ormond Street, Manchester, M15 6BX, UK.