Integrated Control of Citrus Pests in the Mediterranean Region

Editor(s): Vincenzo Vacante

Co-Editor(s): Uri Gerson

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO, Book Citation Index, Science Edition; BIOSIS Previews.

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This book presents a definitive exposition of citrus pests and their integrated, mostly non-chemical , control in the Mediterranean area. This is the first book on this topic written by experts from ...
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Pp. i

Vincenzo Vacante and Uri Gerson

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Pp. ii-iii (2)

Vincenzo Vacante and Uri Gerson

The Citrus in the Mediterranean Region

Pp. 3-18 (16)

Paolo Inglese and Giovanni Pensabene Bellavia

PDF Price: $15

The History of IPM in the Mediterranean Citriculture

Pp. 19-27 (9)

Vincenzo Vacante

PDF Price: $15

Implementation of IPM in Citriculture

Pp. 28-55 (28)

Vincenzo Vacante and Carmelo Peter Bonsignore

PDF Price: $15

Natural Enemies

Pp. 66-87 (22)

Carmelo Peter Bonsignore and Vincenzo Vacante

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Pp. 88-108 (21)

Uri Gerson and Vincenzo Vacante

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Pp. 109-118 (10)

Rita Marullo and Alessandra De Grazia

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Pp. 119-125 (7)

Huseyin Baspinar, Nedim Uygun and Alfonso Hermoso De Mendoza

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Pp. 126-136 (11)

Nedim Uygun, Alfonso Hermoso de Mendoza and Huseyin Baspinar

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Pp. 156-171 (16)

Yael Argov, Nedim Uygun, Francesco Porcelli and Huseyin Baspinar

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Pseudococcidae and Monophlebidae

Pp. 172-182 (11)

Ezio Peri and Apostolos Kapranas

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Pp. 183-191 (9)

Apostolos Kapranas

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Pp. 192-205 (14)

Uri Gerson

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Pp. 206-222 (17)

Gavino Delrio and Arturo Cocco

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Gracillariidae, Yponomeutidae and Pyralidae

Pp. 223-230 (8)

Yael Argov and Uri Gerson

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Pp. 231-241 (11)

Andrea Lentini and Marcello Verdinelli

PDF Price: $15

Secondary Pests

Pp. 242-248 (7)

Uri Gerson and Vincenzo Vacante

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Pp. 249-253 (5)

Uri Gerson and Vincenzo Vacante

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Pp. 254-281 (28)

Vincenzo Vacante and Uri Gerson