A Review: Chill-Block Melt Spin Technique, Theories & Applications

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Rapid Solidification Processing of molten metals and alloys has proved to be a reliable route for producing new and advanced materials. The Chill-Block Melt Spin (CBMS) technique is important because ...
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Rapid Solidification Processing

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DOI: 10.2174/978160805151911201010003

Author(s): M. Kamal, Usama S. Mohammad


Rapid Solidification Processing (RSP) is an advanced technique for producing new materials. By applying high cooling rates larger than 105 ºC, all thermal and diffusional processes are affected and new phases, new refined structures and new materials are emerged.


Rapid solidification, chill block melt spin, undercooling, metastable phase, cooling rate, quasicrystal nucleation.