Frontiers in Anti-infective Agents

Frontiers in Anti-infective Agents

Volume: 5

Anti-infective agents are a distinct class of pharmacologically important molecules that has served mankind in different capacities to combat life-threating pathologic conditions. They include ...
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Bilayer Tablet - Approach for the Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases with Fixed Dose Combination

Pp. 197-219 (23)

DOI: 10.2174/9789814998390121050008

Author(s): Swati S. Gaikwad*, Mansi L. Patil


The purpose of this study is to develop an efficient therapy of combination antibiotics for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections. The best-preferred combination of drugs Cefixime trihydrate and Ofloxacin was selected to prepare bilayer tablets. This combination work against several genito-urinary tract infections. The Bilayer tablet was prepared in order to tailor the release of the drug to maintain the peak plasma level of the drug. It contains Cefixime trihydrate as a quick release layer and Ofloxacin as an extended-release layer. In this tablet, super disintegrant was used for the rapid release of the Cefixime layer, whereas HPMC was used to prolong the release of the ofloxacin layer. Drug release study suggests that there is a complete release of Cefixime within 30 minutes followed by the simultaneous release of ofloxacin, which was extended up to 24 hours. Current research reveals that Cefixime trihydrate and ofloxacin bilayer have been successfully developed for use in combating sexually transmitted infections.


Bilayer tablets, Cefixime trihydrate, Ofloxacin, Sexually transmitted diseases.