Trefftz and Fundamental Solution-Based Finite Element Methods

Trefftz and Fundamental Solution-Based Finite Element Methods

Editor(s): Qing-Hua Qin

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This reference explains hybrid-Trefftz finite element method (FEM). Readers are introduced to the basic concepts and general element formulations of the method. This is followed by topics on ...
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Qing-Hua Qin

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Qing-Hua Qin

Hybrid-Trefftz Finite Elements for Non- homogeneous Parabolic Problems

Pp. 55-102 (48)

Ionut D. Moldovan*, Ana Coutinho and Ildi Cismasiu

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Thermal Analysis of Composites with Trefftz Finite Element Methods

Pp. 103-132 (30)

Keyong Wang* and Ze She

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Hybrid-Trefftz Finite Element Method for Heat Conduction in Functionally Graded Materials

Pp. 133-162 (30)

Zhuo-Jia Fu*, Wen-Zhi Xu and Qiang Xi

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Hybrid Fundamental-Solution-Based FEM for Piezoelectric Materials

Pp. 312-337 (26)

Changyong Cao* and Qing-Hua Qin

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Pp. 338-344 (7)

Qing-Hua Qin