Nanomedicinal Approaches Towards Cardiovascular Disease

Nanomedicinal Approaches Towards Cardiovascular Disease

Nanomedicinal Approaches Towards Cardiovascular Disease summarizes information about nanotechnology that is used in the diagnosis and regenerative treatment of heart diseases. Chapters in this ...
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Smart Nanomaterials for Cardiac Regeneration Therapy

Pp. 125-143 (19)

DOI: 10.2174/9789814998215121010016

Author(s): Ranjita Misra, Fahima Dilnawaz*


Cardiovascular disease (CVDs) have been observed as the major cause of death worldwide. During the cardiac attack, the blood flow slows down, by which the pumping gets affected. For getting the heart functional, sometimes several surgeries are done that weakens the heart. In ultima cases, loss of heart cells led to a heart attack. The therapeutic options that are adapted for preventing CVDs patients are often being treated with invasive cardiac surgery. Lack of solution to heart troubles and its underlying mechanism led towards the drive of regeneration therapy. Tissue engineering and regenerative strategies goal serves a dual purpose, firstly to stop disease progression and secondly to reverse disease effects to regain and restore heart function. Nanotechnology has been a revolutionary step towards cardiac therapy. Through nanotechnology, there has been a great paradigm shift in the treatment of coronary heart diseases, heart injury, muscle cells improvement, normal functioning of the heart after massive injuries. Tissue-engineered therapeutics are basically delivered to the heart by two approaches, such as cardiac injections and cardiac patches. Engineered nanoparticles for the specific purpose of cardiac ailment play a vital role in heart cure and biomedical application.


Biomedical application, Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Tissue engineering.