Influenza: A Century of Research

Influenza: A Century of Research

Influenza is one of the most ancient and intriguing diseases that has been accompanying our civilization for millennia. While mankind has successfully defeated many dangerous influenza infections in ...
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Reasons for Insufficient Control of Influenza

Pp. 142-162 (21)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681088440121010007

Author(s): Irina Kiseleva, Natalie Larionova


Unfortunately, influenza can not be controlled effectively. A number of factors are responsible for insufficient control of this disease. Viral ubiquity and transmissibility, a high spreading rate of the influenza virus, antigenic selection, antiviral treatment etc., are responsible for the control of influenza. The main properties of the influenza virus described in the previous chapters that may influence the control of influenza are listed in this chapter.


Control of influenza, Drug resistance, Genetic variability, Influenza virus, Transmission.