Influenza: A Century of Research

Influenza: A Century of Research

Influenza is one of the most ancient and intriguing diseases that has been accompanying our civilization for millennia. While mankind has successfully defeated many dangerous influenza infections in ...
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Life Cycle of Influenza Virus

Pp. 26-62 (37)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681088440121010004

Author(s): Irina Kiseleva, Natalie Larionova


This chapter provides information on the structural organization and replication of influenza viruses in infected cells. The role of genes in the manifestation of pathogenicity and the attenuation of influenza viruses is discussed.


Attenuation, Cold-adaptation, Drift, Genetic basis of attenuation, Genome structure, Influenza virus, Mutation, Pathogenicity, Polymerase genes, Proteins, Reassortment, Replication, RNA, Shift, Temperature sensitivity.