A Comprehensive Guide to Nanoparticles in Medicine

A Comprehensive Guide to Nanoparticles in Medicine

This handbook explains the application of nanoparticles in medical diagnosis and treatment. It is a ready reference on the subject, starting with the introduction to nanoparticles and progressing to ...
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Nanoparticle-DNA Conjugate: The Treatment and Diagnostic Option for Future Cure of Diseases

Pp. 70-82 (13)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681088358121010008

Author(s): Rituparna Acharya*


Integrated DNA in nanoparticles show unique and augmented properties due to their synergistic activity on the biological system. Their capabilities are attracting the attention of researchers for their wide variety of applications in diagnostics, therapeutics, theranostics, biosensing, labeling, imaging, etc. In this study, we discuss these nanohybrids and their area of application. DNA incorporated within these nanoparticles helps in gene delivery to the targeted tissue. Sometimes, DNA aptamers can recognize specific target sequence by complementarity. They can target specific cell/tissue/organ to deliver their payload to that target site. However, it is clear that there are more things to be revealed in the application of nanoparticles in the biological system. The unique properties of nanomaterial have more to offer in this field of nanotechnology.


Biosensing, Carbon nanotube, Colorimetic detection, Deoxyribonucleic acid, Electrochemical detection, Fluorescence detection, Gene delivery, Gene therapy, Gold nanoparticle, Imaging, Labeling, Microarray, Nanobiotechnology, Nanocrystal, Nanohybrid, Nanomaterial, Nanoparticle, Plasmonic application, Silver nanoparticle, Theranostic.