6G Wireless Communications and Mobile Networking

6G Wireless Communications and Mobile Networking

6G Wireless Communications and Mobile Networking introduces the key technologies behind 6G wireless communication and mobile networking to the reader. The book starts with a general vision of 6G ...
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Cloud/edge Computing and Big Data System with 6G

Pp. 224-242 (19)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681087962121010009

Author(s): Peng Yu*, Lei Shi


This chapter gives a systematic introduction to cloud/edge computing and big data system. Cloud computing provides the ability to use flexible and telescopic services for cloud users and could implement through various hosted services provided by the Internet. Edge computing refers to the open platform which uses the network, computing, storage, and application core capabilities on the side of the object or data source and provides the nearest end service to avoid the relatively long delay to reach the data cloud center. Big data technology refers to the analysis of potentially useful information from a large number of data. Analysis of big data can get hidden patterns, unknown relevance, customer trends, and other messages to ensure comprehensive data management. In addition, the speed of 6G is faster, and its service field becomes more extensive compared with the previous generation communication technologies, which makes 6G play a more important or extensive role in the future of the technology field and society. In this regard, the authors also analyze the effect of 6G on cloud/edge computing and big data system. According to the future users' demand for 6G and the characteristics of 6G itself, cloud/edge computing and big data system will play an irreplaceable role in achieving high efficiency and benefits.


Big data, Cloud computing, Edge computing.