6G Wireless Communications and Mobile Networking

6G Wireless Communications and Mobile Networking

6G Wireless Communications and Mobile Networking introduces the key technologies behind 6G wireless communication and mobile networking to the reader. The book starts with a general vision of 6G ...
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Antenna Evolution for Massive MIMO

Pp. 77-148 (72)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681087962121010005

Author(s): Min Wang*, Brian D. Gerardot


Massive MIMO technology is one of the key technologies of the 6G communication system and the basis of high-speed transmission in the wireless communication network. At the same time, massive MIMO puts forward new requirements for antenna devices in the communication system, such as active integration, miniaturization, broadband, etc. This chapter first reviews the development process and the latest progress of antenna technology in wireless communication. The requirement of a 6G communication network for the base station antenna and the terminal antenna is emphasized. The theoretical basis of massive MIMO technology in the 6G communication system is described in detail, and RIS technology which is closely related to massive MIMO, is introduced. The technical characteristics and development trends of massive MIMO antennas are discussed in detail, including antenna design and synthesis, feed network, and antenna selection technology. Finally, combined with the development of current antenna measurement and calibration technology, the measurement engineering technology closely related to the antenna feeder industry in 6G communication is introduced.


Antenna array, Antenna measurements, Beam forming, Feed network, Massive MIMO.