Frontiers in Inflammation

Frontiers in Inflammation

Volume: 2

Head and Neck Cancer: Hallmarks of the Inflammation Ecosystem

Editor(s): Norhafiza Mat Lazim

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This reference comprehensively covers the clinical aspects of head and neck neoplasms while also highlighting the relationship that exists between inflammation and these cancers. This relationship is ...
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Pp. i

Madan Kapre

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Pp. ii

Naoki Otsuki

Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. iii

Norhafiza Mat Lazim

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Pp. iv

Norhafiza Mat Lazim

Types of Head and Neck Malignancy

Pp. 28-76 (49)

Gabriela Ramírez-Arroyo*, Juan Carlos Hernaiz-Leonardo, Michelle Marvin-Huergo and Mario Sergio Dávalos-Fuentes

PDF Price: $30

Histological Classification of Head and Neck Tumors

Pp. 77-125 (49)

Sharifah Emilia Tuan Sharif and Anani Aila Mat Zin*

PDF Price: $30

The Diagnostic Tools for Head and Neck Cancer

Pp. 155-184 (30)

Giacomo Spinato*, Paolo Boscolo Rizzo, Marco Salvatore, Simonetta Ausoni, Samuele Frasconi, Giuseppe Azzarello, Carlo Cavaliere, Liberatore Tramontano and Maria Cristina Da Mosto

PDF Price: $30

The Emergence of New Inflammatory Markers of Head and Neck Cancer and their Potentials

Pp. 185-209 (25)

Norhafiza Mat Lazim* and Baharudin Abdullah

PDF Price: $30

Inflammation and Current HPV Status in Head and Neck Malignancy

Pp. 210-234 (25)

Roman Carlos Zamora*, Jose Gutiérrez Jodas and Norhafiza Mat Lazim

PDF Price: $30

Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer and Relation to Inflammation

Pp. 235-259 (25)

Rohaizam Japar Jaafar*, Zulkifli Yusof and Zakinah Yahaya

PDF Price: $30

Behind the Screen: The Emergence of New Evidence

Pp. 260-299 (40)

Belayat H. Siddiquee* and Norhafiza Mat Lazim

PDF Price: $30

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 323-333 (11)

Norhafiza Mat Lazim