Liquid filled hard shell capsules: Current drug delivery influencing pharmaceutical technology

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Author(s): Prabhuti Nirale, Shivani Arora, Anita Solanki, Jnanadeva Bhat, Rishi Kumar Singh, Khushwant S. Yadav*

Journal Name: Current Drug Delivery

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Purpose: Gastric absorption apparently is upfront route for drug delivery as it is convenient, economic and mostly suitable for getting the desired systemic effects. Unfortunately, many traditional and newer generation drugs suffer from poor solubility and thereby have lower bioavailability. With a perspective of bringing a novel delivery system in such condition for old/existing/new drugs, liquid filled hard capsules hold promise as delivery system.

Methods: An organized state-of-the-art literature review including patents was done to accommodate information on the innovations in technology, processes and applications in the field of liquid filling in hard shell capsules.

Results: The review findings revealed the importance of understanding the impact of liquid filled hard shell capsules would have in use of complex drug molecules specially the ones sensitive to light and moisture. This technology can have diverse functions to be used for both immediate and delayed drug release. Technology point of view the band sealing in such hard-shell capsules helps in providing protection against the tampering of the filled capsule.

Conclusion: The review gives an insight to the understanding of progression in the technology forefront related to formulation development of liquid formulations to be filled in hard shell capsules for better therapeutic potentials and convenience to the patients.

Keywords: Liquid fill, Capsules, Gelatin, Starch, Pullulan, Band sealing, Oil, Personalized medicine, 3D printing

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(E-pub Abstract Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/1567201818666210301094400
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