Antidyslipidemic Capacity of Cleome arabica (L.) in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats

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Author(s): Ayoub Amssayef, Mohamed Eddouks*

Journal Name: Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
Formerly Current Medicinal Chemistry - Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents

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Aims: The aim of the study was to assess the effect of Cleome arabica on lipid metabolism.

Background: Cleome arabica (L.) is a medicinal plant used traditionally by the population of North Africa for managing diabetes mellitus.

Objective: This study was designed to evaluate the antidyslipidemic and antiatherogenic capacities of Cleome arabica (L.) in normal and streptozotocin(STZ)-induced diabetic rats.

Methods: The hypolipidemic, antihyperglycemic and antiatherogenic effects of oral administration of the aqueous extract of Cleome arabica (CAAE) (100 mg/kg) were evaluated in normal and diabetic rats. In addition, the quantification of polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins as well as the antioxidant activity were performed.

Results: The results showed that the extract (CAAE) revealed an antidyslipidemic action by attenuating plasma levels of Total Cholesterol (TC), Triglycerides (TGs), Low-Density Lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-c), Very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (VLDL-c) and glucose. Additionally, CAAE exhibited a potent antiatherogenic activity by reducing Atherogenic Coefficient (AC), Castelli’s Risk index-I (cri-I), and Castelli’s Risk Index-II (CRI-II). Furthermore, the findings indicated that CAAE is abundant with polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins, and exhibited an important antioxidant capacity.

Conclusion: The study demonstrates that aqueous Cleome arabica extract was able to ameliorate lipid abnormalities associated with diabetes mellitus. This pharmacological activity might be due to the antioxidant capacities of phytochemical compounds.

Keywords: Antidyslipidemic, antiatherogenic, cleome arabica, lipid abnormalities, phytochemical compounds, medicinal plant

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Published on: 19 February, 2021
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DOI: 10.2174/1871525719666210219141618
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