Fast Dissolution Electrospun Medicated Nanofibers for Effective Delivery of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs

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Author(s): Yrysbaeva Aidana, Yibin Wang, Jie Li, Shuyue Chang, Ke Wang*, Deng-Guang Yu*

Journal Name: Current Drug Delivery

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Background: Electrospinning is developing rapidly from an earlier laboratory method into an industrial process. The clinical applications are approached in various ways through electrospun medicated nanofibers. The fast-dissolving oral drug delivery system (DDS) among them is one of the most promising routes in the near future for commercial applications.

Methods: Related papers are investigated, including the latest research results, on electrospun nanofiber-based fast-dissolution DDSs.

Results: Several relative topics have been concluded: 1) the development of electrospinning, ranging from 1-fluid blending to multi-fluid process and potential applications in the formation of medicated nanofibers involving poorly water-soluble drugs; 2) Selection of appropriate polymer matrices and drug carriers for filament formation; 3) Types of poorly water-soluble drugs ideal for fast oral delivery; 4) The methods for evaluating fast-dissolving nanofibers; 5) The mechanisms that promote the fast dissolution of poorly water-soluble drugs by electrospun nanofibers; 6) the important issues for further development of electrospun medicated nanofibers as oral fast-dissolving drug delivery systems.

Conclusions & Perspectives: The unique properties of electrospun-medicated nanofibers can be used as oral fast dissolving DDSs of poorly water-soluble drugs. However, some significant issues need to be investigated, such as scalable productions and solid dosage form conversions.

Keywords: Electrospinning, Electrospun Medicated Nanofibers, Fast-Dissolving, Drug Delivery System (DDS), Poorly Water-Soluble Drug, Amorphous.

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DOI: 10.2174/1567201818666210215110359
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