Ultrasound-promoted sustainable synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of 2-Aryl benzimidazoles catalyzed by BPAE at room temperature

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Author(s): Prashant B Hiremath, Kantharaju Kamanna*

Journal Name: Current Organocatalysis

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Background: Present chemists are more interested to develop eco-friendly, simple, efficient and economic approach methods as an important tool for many synthetic transformations, which employ various natural feedstock extracts, which are well known for their non-hazardousness, no usage of any external base and replace many organic and inorganic based catalysts. At present literature reported so many homogenous catalytic approaches, which follow green chemistry principle established for various organic transformations catalyzed by WERSA, BFE, WEPPA, WEMFSA, WEMPA, Eichhorniacrassipes. 2-aryl benzimidazole derivatives represents as prominent molecules with wide variety of applications showed in biological activities and in material science. In the present study, an agro-waste sourced catalytic media Banana Peel Ash Extract (BPAE) established for the green method synthesis of 2-aryl benzimidazole derivatives at chromatographically pure form promoted by ultrasound at room temperature condition is described. BPAE stands as a low cost, abundantly available, natural feedstock extract. Selected derivatives were screened for the antimicrobial studies and showed comparable activity to the reference drug used.

Methods: The agro-waste sourced from banana peel is utilized for the preparation of BPAE catalyst, which is employed for the synthesis of 2-aryl benzimidazole derivatives under ultrasound waves at room temperature.

Results: 2-aryl benzimidazoles obtained through reaction of substituted o-phenylene diamine with substituted benzoyl choride catalyzed by BPAE under ultrasound waves at room temperature. BPAE catalyst is characterized by flame emission spectrometry, SEM-EDX and XRD techniques.

Conclusion: An eco-friendly, sustainable and novel approach for the synthesis of 2-aryl benzimidazoles using natural feedstock BPAE. The major merits of using BPAE are agro-waste derived catalyst, abundant availability, faster reaction, simple work-up and no usage of column chromatography.

Keywords: Agro-waste, BPAE, Ultrasound-promoted, 2-aryl benzimidazoles, room temperature, antimicrobial

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(E-pub Abstract Ahead of Print)
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