Clinical Case of Organic Pseudopsychopathic Disorder in a Teenager in Terms of Differential Diagnostics with Childhood Schizophrenia

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Author(s): Evgeny Darin*

Journal Name: Current Psychiatry Research and Reviews
Formerly Current Psychiatry Reviews

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Background: Organic personality disorder is one of the most pressing problems of modern practical psychiatry, due to the multifactorial etiology of this pathology, the variety of clinical symptoms, and the complexity of differential diagnosis.

Results: The clinical analysis of a difficult to diagnose case, of a 13-year-old girl who committed an act of criminal aggression is presented. Based on anamnesis data, examination data, analysis of the features of psychopathological symptoms and dynamic clinical observation, the final diagnosis of "Organic pseudopsychopathic personality disorder due to mixed causes (perinatal factors and traumatic brain injury), with significant behavioral disorders requiring treatment, with schizophrenic symptoms" was made. Initially mistaken for the childhood form of schizophrenia based on the clinical pattern and complaints.

Methods: The results of the patient's clinical examination using a complex of psychodiagnostic techniques, instrumental research methods, observation data in the department, and an analysis of the patient’s anamnesis are presented.

Conclusion: The main stages of diagnosis, the course of the study, the difficulties in the differential diagnosis, and the key insights that played a role in substantiating the diagnosis are highlighted.

Keywords: Children, organic personality disorder, differential diagnosis, clinical case.

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