Frontiers in Drug Design and Discovery

Frontiers in Drug Design and Discovery

Volume: 10

Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman

Co-Editor(s): M. Iqbal Choudhary

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Frontiers in Drug Design and Discovery is a book series devoted to publishing the latest and the most important advances in drug design and discovery. Eminent scientists have contributed chapters ...
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Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-ii (2)

Atta-ur-Rahman, and M. Iqbal Choudhary

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Pp. iii-iv (2)

Atta-ur-Rahman, and M. Iqbal Choudhary

Recombinant Protein Production: from Bench to Biopharming

Pp. 1-31 (31)

Rais A. Ansari, Shakil A. Saghir, Rebecca Torisky and Kazim Husain

PDF Price: $30

Plant Virus Nanoparticles and Virus like Particles (VLPs): Applications in Medicine

Pp. 32-46 (15)

Mahbobeh Zamani-Babgohari, Nasir Mahmood, Ghyda Murad Hashim, Sarah Bushra Nasir, Mounir G. AbouHaidar and Kathleen L. Hefferon

PDF Price: $30

Flavonoids Antagonize Effects of Alcohol in Cultured Hippocampal Neurons: A Drug Discovery Study

Pp. 92-167 (76)

Eduard Korkotian, Menahem Segal, Alena Botalova and Tatyana Bombela

PDF Price: $30

Hybrid Smart Materials for Topical Drug Delivery: Application of Scaffolds

Pp. 168-237 (70)

Talita Nascimento, Paulo Henrique de Souza Picciani, K. Gyselle de Holanda e Silva and Thaís Nogueira Barradas

PDF Price: $30

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 238-247 (10)

Atta-ur-Rahman, and M. Iqbal Choudhary