Biologically Active Natural Products from Asia and Africa: A Selection of Topics

Biologically Active Natural Products from Asia and Africa: A Selection of Topics

Both Asia and Africa are home to many plants that can be used for the treatment of many diseases and their medicinal properties are gaining interest in western societies. Medicinal plants from Asia ...
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Antilithiatic Properties of Moroccan Medicinal Plants and Mechanism Insights of their Phytochemicals

Pp. 67-83 (17)

Aya Khouchlaa, Abdelhakim Bouyahya and M`hamed Tijane


The transition from raw herbs to synthetic pharmaceuticals bioactive compounds has undergone evolution and herbal medicine has become an important source of raw materials to treat different illnesses. Indeed, the alternative treatment using herbal medicine has come into demand in recent years and has renewed interest in the plants that are effective, safe, and culturally acceptable. In Morocco, several medicinal plants are used traditionally to treat kidney stones and in vitro and in vivo experimental studies have proved their antilithiasic activity. This review aims to list all in vitro and in vivo antilithiasic medicinal plants used by the Moroccan population and to present bioactive compounds responsible for this activity. Further, we determined some molecular targets by these bioactive compounds.


Crystallization, Kidney stones, Phyto-molecules, Urinary.


Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Genomic Center of Human Pathologies, Faculty of Medicine, Laboratory of Human Pathologies Biology, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco.