Bioactive Loaded Lipid-Based Nanostructures: A Novel Insight for Age-Related Neurodegeneration

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Author(s): Rajnish Srivastava*, P.K. Choudhury, Suresh Kumar Dev, Vaibhav Rathore

Journal Name: Current Molecular Medicine

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Substantial affirmation suggested that oxidative stress remains an impelling target, contributing to initiate and exacerbate the multiple neurological complications in age-related neurodegeneration (ARN). Factors including gene and environmental toxins now becoming the most threatening cause of oxidative stress. It leads to mitochondrial dysfunction of the neurons that ultimately causes permanent loss of its functionality. Clinical trials on antioxidants are still in the pipeline to access it as a potential therapeutic class. But this raised the generosity for not only to investigate the module of the antioxidant mechanism but also to justify the drug delivery and doses regimen. Biological barriers predominantly Blood-brain barrier (BBB) and rapid first-pass metabolism are some of the potential obstacles for the effective targeting of the therapeutic agent. Bioactive drugs with antioxidant capacity, loaded with lipid-based Nano career system has revealed to be a novel therapeutic intervention for ARN. The review will deal with the comprehensive state-of-art methodology for the delivery of bioactive loaded lipid Nanocarriers to treat neurodegeneration. A systematic analysis of published reports will help the researchers to understand the role of natural compound loaded Nanoengineered system in the field of ARN as a potential Nano therapeutic intervention.

Keywords: Antioxidant, Blood brain barrier, Drug delivery, Nano career, Neurodegeneration;, Oxidative stress

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