Topics in Anti-Cancer Research

Topics in Anti-Cancer Research

Volume: 9

Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman

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Topics in Anti-Cancer Research covers new developments in the field of cancer diagnosis and drug therapy. Novel drugs as anticancer agents include natural and synthetic phenazirines and other ...
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Recent Patents on Exosome-Derived Therapeutic Agents

Pp. 1-28 (28)

Oğuzhan Karaosmanoğlu

PDF Price: $30

Introducing the 188W/188Re and 144Ce/144Pr Plaques for Eye Cancers Brachytherapy

Pp. 46-73 (28)

Mohammad Reza Rezaei and Fatemeh Hassanzadeh

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ShcA Family of Adaptor Proteins: Dual Role in Cell Growth

Pp. 74-96 (23)

Hilal Ahmad Mir, Roshia Ali and Firdous A. Khanday

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Melatonin as an Anti-cancer Agent

Pp. 97-154 (58)

Khulood M. Al-Khater

PDF Price: $30

Hormones Management as Anticancer Treatment and Protection: Functions and Mechanism of Action

Pp. 155-192 (38)

Meneerah Abdulrahman Aljafary, Sarah M. Asiri, Fadwa M. Alkhulaifi, Firdos Alam Khan and Ebtesam Abdullah Al-Suhaimi

PDF Price: $30

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Pp. 193-202 (10)