Bioactive Phytochemicals: Drug Discovery to Product Development

Bioactive Phytochemicals: Drug Discovery to Product Development

Natural bioactive compounds from medicinal plants are inexplicably diverse in chemical structure and biological properties. The unmet therapeutic requirements for various diseases serve as a guide ...
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Extraction of Bioactive Phytochemicals

Pp. 31-53 (23)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811464485120010006

Author(s): Javed Ahamad, Naila Hassan Ali Alkefai, Shehla Nasar Mir Najibullah


The success of pharmacological or analytical study depends upon proper choice of the extraction method. As extraction process is the starting step in the evaluation of any herbal drug, hence it should be designed in such a way that the extracts contain maximum amount of desired secondary metabolites. Several classical extraction methods are used since ancient times, such as percolation, digestion, decoctions, and maceration. Due to the advancement in technology, several extraction techniques have been developed, such as ultrasound assisted extract, microwave assisted extraction, pressurized liquid extraction, supercritical fluid extract and enzyme assisted extraction. These extraction techniques provide samples for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the natural product. The extracts obtained from these extraction methods are also used for the isolation and characterization of bioactive natural products. This book chapter provides a comprehensive overview of a variety of classical and modern extraction methods used in drug discovery and development from the natural product.


Bioactive Phytochemicals, Extraction, Isolation, Modern Extraction Methods, Natural Products, Secondary Metabolites.