Designing a Chat-bot for College Information using Information Retrieval and Automatic Text Summarization Techniques

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Author(s): Radha Guha*

Journal Name: Current Chinese Computer Science

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Background: In the era of information overload it is very difficult for a human reader to make sense of the vast information available in the internet quickly. Even for a specific domain like college or university website it may be difficult for a user to browse through all the links to get the relevant answers quickly.

Objective: In this scenario, design of a chat-bot which can answer questions related to college information and compare between colleges will be very useful and novel.

Methods: In this paper a novel conversational interface chat-bot application with information retrieval and text summariza-tion skill is designed and implemented. Firstly this chat-bot has a simple dialog skill when it can understand the user query intent, it responds from the stored collection of answers. Secondly for unknown queries, this chat-bot can search the internet and then perform text summarization using advanced techniques of natural language processing (NLP) and text mining (TM).

Results: The advancement of NLP capability of information retrieval and text summarization using machine learning tech-niques of Latent Semantic Analysis(LSI), Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), Word2Vec, Global Vector (GloVe) and Tex-tRank are reviewed and compared in this paper first before implementing them for the chat-bot design. This chat-bot im-proves user experience tremendously by getting answers to specific queries concisely which takes less time than to read the entire document. Students, parents and faculty can get the answers for variety of information like admission criteria, fees, course offerings, notice board, attendance, grades, placements, faculty profile, research papers and patents etc. more effi-ciently.

Conclusion: The purpose of this paper was to follow the advancement in NLP technologies and implement them in a novel application.

Keywords: Chat-bot, natural language processing, text mining, information retrieval, text summarization, topic modeling, latent semantic analysis, latent dirichlet allocation, word2vec, GloVe, word embedding, textrank

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DOI: 10.2174/2665997201999201022191540

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