Frontiers in Nanobiotechnology

Frontiers in Nanobiotechnology

Volume: 1

Advances in Biosensing Technology for Medical Diagnosis

Editor(s): Han-Sheng Chuang and Yi-Ping Ho

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Biosensing technology is rapidly flourishing in recent years due to the advancement of bio-MEMS/NEMS. However, the booming development of biosensors has not been very well addressed to the unmet ...
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Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-ii (2)

Han-Sheng Chuang and Yi-Ping Ho

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Pp. iii-v (3)

Han-Sheng Chuang and Yi-Ping Ho

Essentials of Biosensors

Pp. 1-27 (27)

Jacky Fong-Chuen Loo, Tza-Huei Wang and Yi-Ping Ho

PDF Price: $30

Micro/nanofabrication of IVD/POCT Biosensors

Pp. 28-63 (36)

Huan Hu and Lei Li

PDF Price: $30

Basic and Advanced Electrochemical Technology for Biosensing Applications

Pp. 64-98 (35)

Tien-Chun Tsai, Neil Adrian P. Ondevilla and Hsien-Chang Chang

PDF Price: $30

Semiconductor Biosensors Based on Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors

Pp. 99-168 (70)

Lester U. Vinzons and Shu-Ping Lin

PDF Price: $30

Fluorescence Biosensors

Pp. 169-212 (44)

Huong T. Vu, Soonwoo Hong and Hsin-Chih Yeh

PDF Price: $30

Plasmonic Label-Free Optical Biosensors

Pp. 213-260 (48)

Wonju Lee, Seongmin Im and Donghyun Kim

PDF Price: $30

Micro/Nano-fluidics Based Biosensors

Pp. 261-305 (45)

Eunseop Yeom

PDF Price: $30

Point-of-Care Portable In-vitro Diagnostics: Smartphones, Imaging, Sensing, Connectivity, and AI

Pp. 306-346 (41)

Michael G. Mauk, Jinzhao Song, Changchun Liu and Xianbo Qiu

PDF Price: $30

Biomarkers and Applications in Alzheimer’s Disease

Pp. 347-386 (40)

Ru-Yi Youh, Po-Yen Chen, Yen-Cheng Chao, Di-Hua Luo, Hao-Hsiang Chang, Yu-Ling Chang, Wei-Min Liu and Dean Chou

PDF Price: $30

Diagnostics for Neurodegenerative Disorders

Pp. 387-435 (49)

Wen-Wei Tseng, Ching-Hua Lu, Zih-Hua Chen, Yu-De Lin, Ko-Hong Lin, Yi-Chia Wei and An-Chi Wei

PDF Price: $30

DNA Sensors for Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Pp. 436-469 (34)

Lærke Bay Marcussen, Kamilla Vandsø Petersen, Birgitta Ruth Knudsen and Marianne Smedegaard Hede

PDF Price: $30

Unconventional Microfluidics for Biosensing

Pp. 470-497 (28)

Yi Zhang

PDF Price: $30

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 498-511 (14)

Han-Sheng Chuang and Yi-Ping Ho