Advances in Cancer Signal Transduction and Therapy

Advances in Cancer Signal Transduction and Therapy

Recent Advances in Signal Transduction Research and Therapy

Cancer is driven by numerous genetic and epigenetic changes occurring at the cellular level. These changes drive normal cells to proliferate and escape processes that usually regulate their ...
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Wnt Signaling in Breast Cancer Oncogenesis, Development and Progression

Pp. 1-28 (28)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811458118120010003

Author(s): Norman Fultang, Bela Peethambaran


Wnt signaling regulates several cellular processes, including differentiation, proliferation, and stem cell pluripotency. Mutations in Wnt signaling are known to lead to tumor initiation and progression. Wnt/ β-catenin signaling is dysregulated in breast cancer, where it has been shown to mediate oncogenic progression. In this review, the canonical and non-canonical pathways of Wnt/ β-catenin signaling, and their regulation of breast cancer oncogenesis and progression are described. During the last decade, several small molecules and natural compounds have shown to interfere with Wnt signaling and demonstrate potential as Wnt-targeting therapeutic agents. This review also highlights these molecules, some of which are in clinical trials. Finally, strategies of using these molecules in combination therapies with other drug agents are discussed.


β-catenin, Breast cancer, Canonical and Non-canonical pathways, Mutations, Oncogenesis, Proliferation, Stem cell pluripotency, Wnt signaling.