Bacterial Diseases

Bacterial Diseases

Bacterial Diseases provides readers an overview of a broad variety of bacterial infections. Chapters cover the description of specific disease and its causative agent, followed by information about ...
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Trench Fever: A Bartonella Quintana Infection

Pp. 171-175 (5)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811473760120010041

Author(s): Muhammad Imran Qadir, Basra Manzoor


Trench fever is an infectious disease for which a specific form of bacteria Bartonella quintana is responsible. This infection is characterized by high fever occurring in a single attack or at repeated intervals of 4-5 days, headache, relapses and severe pain in legs and back. It may be diagnosed by culture test, serologic, biopsy, or PCR. Management for this infection is possible in immunologically strong patients by appropriate antibiotics and surgery.


Bartonella quintana, Doxycycline, Endocarditis, Serologic, Surgery.