Bacterial Diseases

Bacterial Diseases

Bacterial Diseases provides readers an overview of a broad variety of bacterial infections. Chapters cover the description of specific disease and its causative agent, followed by information about ...
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Scarlet Fever: An Infection Symptomized by Red Rash All Over the Body with High Fever

Pp. 143-146 (4)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811473760120010035

Author(s): Muhammad Imran Qadir, Iqra Ali Yameen


Scarlet fever is a bacterial disease caused by the streptococcus family. streptococcus pyogenes is an infectious agent in this disease. This bacteria produces streptococcal pyrogenic endotoxins SPEs that causes a red rash and high fever. Common symptoms seen in patients suffering from scarlet fever are swollen tonsils, high fever, red folding in arms, and elbows. Scarlet fever mostly occurs in children and sometimes it also affects adults. In past decades, the mortality rate due to scarlet fever was 10-25 percent but now it is reduced to 1% due to antibiotics. Diagnosis against scarlet fever is done by different methods like throat swab specimen detection and antigen screening method. For the treatment of scarlet fever, no vaccines are present. Antibiotics and hygienic lifestyle are recommended to lower the severity of scarlet fever.


Antibiotics, Endotoxins, High Fever, Scarlet Fever, streptococcus pyogenes.