Bacterial Diseases

Bacterial Diseases

Bacterial Diseases provides readers an overview of a broad variety of bacterial infections. Chapters cover the description of specific disease and its causative agent, followed by information about ...
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Pharyngitis: An Inflammation of the Throat

Pp. 82-85 (4)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811473760120010021

Author(s): Muhammad Imran Qadir, Jaleel Ahmad


Pharyngitis is a throat infection and the back throat inflammation causes throat infection and it is a common reason to visit physicians. Swallowing may be uncomfortable and painful. Commonly, throat infection symptoms are illness, like the flu or cold. In this review, we have discussed the national perspective, epidemiology, regional perspective, clinical diagnosis, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, and causes of inflammation pharynges.


A Respiratory Infection, Pharyngitis, Sore Throat.