Frontiers in Enzyme Inhibition

Frontiers in Enzyme Inhibition

Enzyme Inhibition - Environmental and Biomedical Applications

Enzyme inhibitors play a pivotal role in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The primary understanding of the action of inhibitors helps pharmacologists during the design process for ...
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Enzyme Inhibitors for Breast Cancer Therapy

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Hariharan Jayaraman, Praveen Kumar Posa Krishnamoorthy, Lakshmi Suresh, Mahalakshmi Varadan, Aparna Madan and Balu Ranganathan


Globally millions of women die of cancer, the most common cancer occurrence sites for women being breast, cervical and ovarian. Engineered enzyme inhibitors are a component of the drug regimen that has taken a drive into pharmaceutical international corporations’ product portfolios which is by targeted delivery, moderating disease-free survival and leading to procrastination of death. Since 2002 the enzyme inhibitor anastrozole (Arimidex) is used as the first drug of choice for breast cancer which is available in the commercial market. Currently, there are several other FDA approved enzyme inhibitors like sulfonanilide analogs available in the pharmaceutical shelf decreasing aromatase expression and regulating enzyme activity for the treatment and cure of breast cancer.


Anastrozole, Breast cancer, Celecoxib, Enzyme inhibitors, HSD17B, TLK.


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