Frontiers in Enzyme Inhibition

Frontiers in Enzyme Inhibition

Enzyme Inhibition - Environmental and Biomedical Applications

Enzyme inhibitors play a pivotal role in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The primary understanding of the action of inhibitors helps pharmacologists during the design process for ...
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Introduction to Enzyme Inhibition – Environmental and Biomedical Applications

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G. Baskar, R. Aiswarya, K. Sathish Kumar and K. Tamilarasan


Enzyme inhibitors alter the activity of an enzyme molecule when an enzyme binds to it. The enzyme inhibition finds its applications in drug discovery and assessment of various environmental pollutants owing to its high specificity and potency. The study of enzyme inhibition mechanism is highly recommended as it mainly depends upon the structural requirement and site of enzyme action. The enzyme inhibition also plays a vital role in the design of biosensors for the detection and assessment of an analyte molecule.


Biosensor, Drug discovery, Enzyme inhibitors, Environment assessments, Specificity.


Department of Biotechnology, St. Joseph`s College of Engineering, Chennai – 600119. India